More than just a diary


eDiary is a diary where you can get to know yourself and the people you interact with, better. eDiary is about your life and your world. You only get those messages you want and which can enrich your life.

There are 2 versions to choose from
Basic and Premium

Basic version is for you who only write for your own sake and maybe add a few pictures, but you don’t need to share with others. Basic version will always be free.

Premium version is for you who love to write about your everyday life and want to share it with others. You also want to show lots of pictures and like to talk about not just your hobbies or sports but also your work or your studies.


  • You can create all the diaries you want, every day
  • Choose from 7 "Standard" diary topics
  • Read other peoples diaries when you are invited
  • Maximum 2 photos (at 10 Mb per photo) per diary
  • Advertising
DKK 0,-

  • Everything from BASIC + this:
  • Create your own diary topics
  • Create, share and read in "Groups"
  • Choose from several fonts
  • Unlimited number of photos (at 10 Mb per photo) per diary
  • Advertising free
  • Insert links in diaries
30 days free trial
DKK 15,- pr. mo.
DKK 150,- pr. yr.

Start a diary for your child

  • 1. Create an email account with your child’s name
  • 2. Go to eDiary and create an account with the email address
  • 3. Then you’re up and running

When your child can read and write, he or she can take over the account and experience everything from his or her infancy


The door to more knowledge about yourself and others